Business Spotlight

Business Spotlight


Get your business the attention and visibility it needs by securing an exclusive spotlight of your offerings. Market your product or service to an audience dedicated to buying Black as a lifestyle. Choose between several different methods of promotion based on your preference or specific needs:

Business Spotlight



Business Feature Article (free for Competitor subscribers)

We hone in on the special things you’re doing in your business and share it with the world via tightly-crafted feature article. You have full control over the content and focus of the article, and we schedule an alignment session to understand your needs and desired message. You also have the option of purchasing this as a “white label” service: we produce the article, you post it as your own creation.

MOB Ties 

We visit you and your business in person with our film crew to include our experience in one of our web episodes where we explore and sample Black businesses. This show allows viewers to get up close and personal with you, your company, and your brand. This inspires trust and motivates viewers to visit or sample your services for themselves. This is similar to the Food Network’s hit show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. One of the main differences is that we cover more than restaurants only. (Currently offered in the DMV area only).

MOB Hits (free for Competitor subscribers)

Our team provides our honest, unbiased feedback after you send us your product or provide your service. At your discretion, we include this review in our MOB Hits product review web series. Caution: positive reviews are not for sale! If our assessment is less than stellar, we recommend forgoing the airing of the video review. Instead, you may use the constructive feedback for product development and refinement.

#BlackBusinessesNearMe (free for Competitor subscribers)

We strategically include your business in one of our weekly Black business exposé compilation lists. These lists are published via our blog, The Plug and shared across our social media platforms. Complete your registration in the MOB Directory with the plan of your choice.


We highlight a product or service of your choice, contrasted with its most prominent non-Black owned competitor or alternative (e.g. DeeDee’s Diapers vs. Huggies or Tarik’s Tax Services vs. H&R Block). We plug in a picture of your product or service to our #SwapForBlack template designed to juxtapose Black vs. non-Black owned products, promoting consumers to make the switch.


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