MOB Directory & Market Setup

MOB Directory & Market Setup


Signing up is an easy, bare-bones process. However, if you to be successful, more setup is required. After you enroll in your MOB Directory and/or Market Listing, pay and complete your initial setup, you might not feel like putting in the hours to finely-tune and optimize your listing and storefront. That’s where we come in. Immediately after you enter the minimum info needed, we take it from there, entering all info and tweaking all settings to optimize your presence and attract customers.

MOB Directory & Market Setup



We will contact you within one business day after you enroll in any plan level. We ask that you provide all relevant business information that you would like to display in your directory or market listing. We then optimize all store settings and notifications to run in a smooth, plug-and-play fashion for you when you are ready. Once your listing(s) are complete, we notify you, direct you to a brief tutorial, then watch your business take off.

  • business contact info (phone, email, social media, etc.)
  • address & GPS coordinates
  • logo and images upload
  • detailed business description and ownership info
  • website linking and keyword SEO
  • coupons or deals
  • events

*Product and service (e.g. physical goods, menus, reservations) setup is available for a nominal fee. See “MOB Add-on” and purchase this service instead.


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